April Homework

Covey and Gordon: Due Thursday, May 17, 2012
If you did not finish your "characterization" story, you will automatically receive one grade lower if you hand it in tomorrow, but you must complete the assignment! Remember:

1. 150 words.
2. Use character tags.
3. Use quotation marks and commas correctly for dialogue.
4. "Show" me what the character is like through what the character says, does, thinks and looks like.
5. Don't just write simple dialogue that doesn't show me what the character is like.
example: "Hi," said Bob.
"Hi! How are you?" asked Bonnie.
"Fine," Bob replied.
(This is BORING and reveals nothing about the characters.)
Covey and Gordon: Due Thursday, May 10, 2012

Write a story about a conversation your kitchen walls might have with one another. You MUST have AT LEAST 10 lines from one wall and 10 lines from the other. All dialogue MUST be properly punctuated.
Do brainstorming about each wall's character. List several adjectives about what the walls are like.
Make the dialogue meaningful (i.e., more than just greetings.) Maybe they argue or criticize the owners. Be creative!

Covey and Gordon. Due Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Finish your 150-word story and underline at least 8 transition words.
Your story must include all the elements of a good personal narrative.

Covey and Gordon. Due Thursday, May 3, 2012
Finish your picture prompt and you may be one of the lucky winners to be published online.
Also, you will receive extra credit if you take a picture that they end up posting online for the contest!!! (Read the document below for details.)
The 150 words of writing may take the form of a descriptive paragraph or a personal narrative. The poem MUST be unrhymed and about 15 lines of 8-10 words each.

At least one complication if it's narrative, not description (numbered on side of the page)
1 metaphor (underlined in black)
1 personification (underlined in red)
beginning, middle, and end
3 sensory details (highlight in yellow)
3 thoughts and feelings
3 examples of dialogue
tells a story that is related to the photo
2 metaphors or similes (underlined in black)
2 personifications (underline in red)
1 alliteration (underlined in pencil)
3 sensory details (highlighted in yellow)
8-15 words per line
total of AT LEAST 15 lines
Tells a story that is related to the photo

photo writing contest.doc
photo writing contest.doc
photo writing contest.doc


Remember the difference among these homophones:

ITS and IT'S
It's is the same as "it is".
Its is a possessive pronoun (see below)
Possessive Pronouns
Singular Plural

1st person my our

2nd person your your

3rd person his, her, its their

There, Their and They're
There are six pencils on the desk.
I like to go there.

Their grass needs to be cut.

They’re crazy! They tried to cook their cat.

To, Two, and Too
I have to go to the store.

May I please have two cookies.

May I have candy?
Me too!
I am too hot.

Due Tuesday, April 3, 2012: Covey and Gordon
1. Information Resources and Proofreading for Louisiana Pass. If you are finished with 4th and 5th grade-level tests, please begin doing Science and Social Studies tests for your grade level.

Due Tuesday, April 3, 2012: Covey
If you did not complete Thursday's assignment below (which was due March 29, 2012), please do so!!!