April Homework


Hampton, Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Finish your fictional or real event on one of the topics below:

Emergency Landing
Lost on the Fairgrounds
Big Storm
The Bear in the Tree
The Wrong Shoe
A Noise in the Basement
The Terrible Picnic
Where's the Cat?

1. One stoplight paragraph (at least 10-12 words each sentence)
2. At least 2 sensory details (highlighted in yellow)
3. One metaphor (underlined in red)
4. Two vivid verbs (circled)
5. Use at least 4 transition words from the list below (underlined in black or pencil):
after, finally, later, afterward, as, at the same time, before
before long, earlier, finally, for a moment, immediatly, instantly, just as
last, later, meanwhile, next, soon, then, until


Hampton, Monday, April 9, 2012
Finish brainstorming images and thoughts associated with anger or sadness.
Write at least 15 lines
Use at least 8-10 syllables per line
Add 1 alliteration (underline in black)
Add 1 simile or metaphor (underline in red)
Add 1 personification (underline in green)
Add 3 sensory details (highlight in yellow)

Print the exercises out (or write your grade on a sheet of paper) and have your parents sign it.
Hampton, Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Quiz on run-ons and fragments. Please study.

Molina: Due Thursday, May 17, 2012
Hampton: Due Monday, May 14, 2012: Finish your stoplight paragraphs about the following topic: "If you had to wear gloves all day, what would be difficult and what would be easy to do?"
Each sentence must be between 10-15 words.

Remember the formula:
Green is the hook
Yellow is a fact or detail (what would be difficult?)
Red is an example to support your yellow above
Red is another example to support your yellow above
Yellow is a second fact or detail (what would be easy?)
Red is an example of the second yellow above
Red is a second example of the yellow above
Green is a concluding sentence

Remember also that you need to include some elements of a narrative to make the paper more interesting to read, including things like similes, metaphors, personification, thoughts and feelings, sensory details, sentence variety, and dialogue.

Molina: Due Thursday, May 10, 2012. FInal draft must be typed and put on a flashdrive. Staple your rough draft on top of your final draft.
Remember that your grade depends on your ability to follow the rubric. If you ignore this fact, your grade will reflect it.
Hampton: Due Tuesday, May 8, 2012-- ROUGH DRAFT and PHOTOS.
Molina: Due Friday, May 4, 2012-- ROUGH DRAFT. PHOTOS DUE MAY 11, 2012.

1. Take a photo that you think is interesting enough for someone to write about. Submit it online and bring me a copy.
2. Finish your picture prompt and you may be one of the lucky winners to be published online.Write at least 150 words for a short story or 15 lines of at least 8-10 syllables per line for a poem. PLEASE DON"T RHYME!!
Also, you will receive extra credit if you take a picture that they end up posting online for the contest!!! (Read the document below for details.)
We will type them next week...

At least one complication if it's narrative, not description (numbered on side of the page)
1 metaphor (underlined in black)
1 personification (underlined in red)
beginning, middle, and end
3 sensory details (highlight in yellow)
3 thoughts and feelings
3 examples of dialogue
tells a story that is related to the photo
2 metaphors or similes (underlined in black)
2 personifications (underlined in red)
1 alliteration (underlined in pencil)
3 sensory details (highlighted in yellow)
8-15 words per line
total of AT LEAST 15 lines
Tells a story that is related to the photo


HOMEWORK LOYOLA: Due Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Final drafts for your concrete poems are due
on half- or full-sized poster.
Please include:
1. At least 15 phrases about your subject.
2. TWO metaphors/similes underlined in black.
3. At least 3 vivid verbs circled in black.
4. At least 2 examples of personification underlined in pencil.
5. At least 2 thoughts and feelings circled in pencil.
6. Shape reflects the topic of the poem.

In addition, the poem should be in the shape of the object/subject as well as reflect any action taking place in the poem.

*Please also bring your capybara stories to class so that we may complete this assignment.

HOMEWORK MOLINA: Due Thursday, May 2, 2013

Complete your rough drafts for your concrete poems. Remember the include things in the rubric above.


Do your Reading Comprehension on why you do or don't want to be President.
Please add only facts from the reading passage along with reasons why (thoughts and feelings) for EACH fact/reason. In other words, you should have 8 yellows and 8 reds total.
2. Louisiana Pass: One Information Resources and one Proofreading. Have your parents sign the tests you have done.


Loyola: Due March 26, 2013
Molina: Due March 27, 2013
Do one of the fifth grade Proofreading or Information Resources test on Louisiana Pass. Print it out. You must have gotten a score of at least 75% to hand it in. You may retake it as many times as you want for a better score. I recommend it!

We will continue to work on the "Capybaras" writing prompt in class.

Loyola: Due March 5, 2013
Molina: Due March 7, 2013
Do one of the fifth grade reading comprehensions and one of the proofreading tests on Louisiana Pass. Print it out, cut and paste it on an email to me, or save it on your flashdrive so that I may see that you have completed it.
You must have gotten a score of at least 75% to be allowed to hand it in. You may retake it as many times as you would like for a better score.


Loyola Due February 26, 2013
Do one of the fifth grade reading comprehensions on Louisiana Pass (with written responses) and submit for a grade.
Even if the written part is pending, I want a print out of the score breakdown that you get after taking the test.

Molina Due February 28, 2013
Do the 5th grade writing on Louisiana Pass and submit online for a grade. Print out the paper that says that your grade is pending. It will say "score pending" on the side of the writing line. It is on the first page of louisiana pass when you open it. You will see the other scores for other tests on the same page.

See instructions below on how to register:

1. Go to Louisiana Pass
2. Click "Sign me up"
3. Write the password "tiger"
4. Make up your own username and password.
5. Email it to yourself and write it in your agenda too.
6. Type the writing prompt answer in the box provided.
7. Print the screen before you click the submit button.
8. Submit.
9. Wait for the score (it takes about a week to score).

Make sure you have the following added:
5 thoughts and feelings
8-12 facts from the articles (4-6 from one and 4-6 from the other)
At least 6 transition words
Indent your paragraphs
Loyola: Due January 15, 2013
Molina: Due January 24, 2013

Finish either a 10- or 12-sentence Stoplight paragraph from the article "Save Turtles, Hurt Jobs."

1. REMEMBER TO UNDERLINE YOUR EXAMPLES from the article after you are finished. You must have at least 6 examples.
2. USE COMPLETE SENTENCES, at least 10 words each sentence.

NOTE: Please remember that you have to be either in support of the shrimpers or the government scientists.