August Homework

Wiltz: Due September 24, 2012
Landry: Due September 26th 2012

1. Read the examples I have in the attachment below to help you do this exercise.
2. Finish your hook sheets and
3. Bring in a book with a good hook that you would like to share with Coach Connie.


LANDRY: Due August 29, 2012

WILTZ: Due September 11, 2012

Finish the stoplight of your favorite holiday.
Remember to: 1. Write ONE fact for each yellow.
2. Write a title with alliteration.
3. If you are having trouble with your introduction, start your topic sentence with "Although" or "Even though".

Here is my example below:

Connie Kringas
August 27, 2012
My favorite holiday
Fourth of July Fun

Green: Even though some of my family members annoy me, I love getting together with them on the Fourth of July because there are so many fun things to do.

Yellow: I especially like the fireworks because of the beautiful colors that explode into the night sky.

Red: The red ones are my favorite because they go the highest into the air. They look like they're exploding near my face.

Red: In fact, my uncle sometimes lets me light the smaller ones, which is really fun. He treats me like I'm still 5, but I kind of like it.

Yellow: Another thing I like about the Fourth of July is our family picnics.

Red: It’s the only time of year when my mom makes real homemade apple pie. I shove three giant pieces on my plate before anyone else sees the pie.

Red: In addition, my aunt also brings us crawfish pie, but only the adults will eat that gooky, fishy-smelling stuff!

Green: I wish we could have Fourth of July every day, but my sister tried it once and almost got arrested for shooting fireworks off on our birthday (July 6th). She ended up hitting a neighbor's roof with one of the larger explosives, so I wouldn’t recommend it.


WILTZ HOMEWORK: Due August 22, 2012
Do your stoplight paragraphs on your favorite pet. Remember to put your heading on the left side of the paper and write a good title!!!
LANDRY HOMEWORK: Due August 23, 2012

Here are two examples to help you out:

Connie Kringas
August 21, 2012
My favorite pet

Tippy is Terrific
GREEN—Introduction, Hook
Even though my neighbor wanted to keep my cat, Tippy, when we were moving, I refused because Tippy is so special to us.

YELLOW—Fact/Detail about how Tippy is SPECIAL
First of all, Tippy is the smartest cat I know and he entertains my family because of it.

RED—Example of how Tippy is SMART
In fact, Tippy knows how to open the back door all by himself by pouncing on the door and using his front paws to push the lever down. We lock the door now.

RED—Example of how Tippy is SMART
In addition, he meows a really loud, howling “MEEEEEOOOOOW” when he is hungry, but a short, soft, “Meow” when he is thirsty.

YELLOW—Another Fact/Detail about how Tippy is special.
Tippy is also like a playful little child when he is around my kids and me.
Red—Example of how Tippy is PLAYFUL.
When George leaves the house, Tippy runs to him and starts clawing his shoelaces like they are pieces of yarn.

Red—Example of how Tippy is PLAYFUL.
If George dares to ignore him, Tippy starts flipping, twisting, and turning on top of his shoes just to get his attention.

Even if someone offered me $1,000 for Tippy, I would refuse it because it would be like selling my baby.


Hannah Nwasu

August 21, 2012

My favorite pet

My Goofy Guinea Pig

GREEN: SQUEAK!!!! If you just heard that noise, it was my fluffy guinea pig, Gabby.

Yellow: Gabby always makes that annoying, high-pitched sound when she wants food or attention. But mostly when she wants food.

Red: Gabby squeaks so loudly that I heard her from outside of the house once. I had forgotten to give her food, of course.

Red: Another time, she kicked her food out of her cage just to see me sweep it up. It’s like people’s pain makes her happy.

Yellow: Gabby is like the fifth person in our family.

Red: She is always there to hug when I am sad. I feel like she’s talking to me when she looks up at me with her big brown eyes.

Red: A few nights ago, my parents kept waking up. They were up until 4 a.m. until they realized that it was Gabby wanting some attention, just like a baby.

Green: Sorry I can’t write anymore but I’ve got to run. I hear Gabby squeaking for more food.