August Homework

Loyola:Due September 25, 2012
Molina: Due September 27, 2012

Character description, setting description, dialogue, sensory details, literary terms (metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration), and/or thoughts and feelings.
Combine 2 of these hook techniques and make a new hook for each stoplight. Take out a clean, looseleaf sheet of paper, write a heading, and begin…
When you were happiest: write about what your thoughts of happiness are…describe it as a setting or describe how you feel about it.
Two family memories: describe your family, tell us how you feel about them, make a simile about how you feel about them.


LOYOLA: Due August 28, 2012
MOLINA: Due August 30, 2012

Fill in your outlines ONLY for your "Me" Poster.
Also, bring in:
---One-half of a poster
---Photos, drawings and clip art to illustrate each section of the paper listed below:
1. Two family facts
2. Two good memories or likes
3. Two dislikes or struggles
4. Two school memories.

We will be writing the paper in class.

P.S. If you are having trouble finding a theme for your poster, remember the example I used.
THEME: The Weather
On the poaster, one-fourth of it may be two family facts that tie in with something you guys do in the summer.
Another fourth can be two school memories that happened in the fall.
Another fourth can be on two dislikes or stuggles you had in the winter.
The last fourth can be on two good memories you had in the spring.

Other themes that would lend themselves to splitting into parts of a poster could be the shapes in a deck of cards, shapes in general, colors in general, music titles, movie titles, animals, or anything else that you can relate to the four topics.