Wiltz: December 3, 2012
Landry: December 5, 2012
Study your dialogue sheets for quiz on how to use quotation marks.


Landry due: November 14, 2012
Wiltz due: November 13, 2012
Make the following sentences super sized (more than 12 words) by adding prepositional phrases and verbs+ ing to the beginning and end of the sentences.
1. The chalkboard is white.
2. The girl is sad.
3. The kitten was lost.
4. The milk was sour.
5. We made a mess.

Some examples of prepositional phrases like the ones we did in class are:
in the house
behind the door
below the stairs
to the store
under the desk
through the roof
beneath the rock
from Marrero
into the box
near the building
OLD: My dog drank water.
NEW: My black terrier ran over the hill before he stopped to drink some water from a puddle he saw near the car.
OR: Running over the hill before he stopped to drink some water from a puddle, the black terrier saw a new car.
Some examples of verbs + ing are:
OLD: I hit my leg running at home.
NEW: Running through the house, I hit my right knee on the coffee table, causing it to bleed down my calf.